Teaching and Learning with the WWW: Learning from the past


Martin Westhead EPCC, University of Edinburgh, UK.


Dr. Daniel Schneider, TECFA, FPSE, University of Geneva

Patrick Jermann, TECFA, FPSE, University of Geneva

Dave Whittington, Clyde Virtual University University of Strathclyde

Workshop Focus

The focus of the workshop will be to address a number of specific issues in the use of the Web for teaching and learning within the context of the past 30 years of work into computer aided learning. The workshop will be structured into three small discussion groups focused on specific topics. The concluding session will involve presentations from each specialist group. (This format has been used very successfully at other Web conference workshops). Topics to be address will include:

Communication and collaboration


Traditional Teaching

Distance learning

Future trends

In particular, we'd like to address these topics within the context of issues raised in the last 30 years within various communities like "Computed-based learning", computer-assisted instruction, AI & education, educational hypermedia, etc. and discuss in the light of this previous research how things might be done over the Internet. The expected outcome is a list of recommendations for both the WWW community and various communities dealing with computers, education and learning.


Prospective participants are invited to present a position paper related to AT LEAST THREE of workshop issues. In addition they can add issues they find interesting of their own. It also expected that they insert pointers to their current work.

In order to optimally prepare the workshop, we will set up discussion lists for each issues, (e.g. with the help of a hypernews system. Participants are expected to become active before the workshop and they will receive a printed copy of the pre-workshop discussion at the workshop.

The number of participants will be limited. Only position papers meeting the above requirements will be considered for selection. There will be no talks or special events during this workshop, but structured discussion. Here is a tentative schedule that shows the spirit:

09:00 Introductions
09:30 Plenary discussion: Teaching & learning on the Web
10:30               -- Break & informal discussion --
11:00 Parallel discussion of 3 issues  (around different tables)
12:00                       ---- LUNCH ----
13:30 Parallel discussion of next 3 issues  (around different tables)
14:30 Parallel discussion of next 3 issues  (around different tables)
15:30                         -- Break --
16:00 Presentation of topics discussed (5 minutes each)
17:00 Closing Discussion: Recommendations and post-workshop activities
18:30                         ---- END ----

Submitted papers for this workshop may be found at http://www.epcc.ed.ac.uk/WWW6workshop/submissions/index.html

For more information contact: M.Westhead@epcc.ed.ac.uk

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