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WWW6 Workshop Sessions

Workshop # Title Authors
WKS001 Logic Programming and the Web Anton Eliëns
WKS002 Web Site Mapping Yoelle Maarek, Dror Zernik
WKS003 Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities Michael Paciello
WKS004 XML: Where Do We Go From Here? Jon Bosak
WKS005 Embedded Web Technologies Burton Lee
WKS006 WOW3 (Women On the World Wide Web) Keng Chua
WKS007 Integrating Existing Business on the WWW Ching-Shan Peng
WKS008 Object-Oriented Web Servers and Data Modeling Leon Shklar
WKS009 Addressing the Toughest Web User Interface Challenges Richard Miller
WKS010 Teaching and Learning with the WWW: Learning from the Past Martin Westhead
WKS011 Information Mediation and CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work) Kinji Yamasaki

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