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WWW6 Poster Presentations

Poster # Title Authors
POS701 Image Processing Tool on the WWW Le Minh Trung
POS702 Conceptually Assisted Web Browsing Jacek R. Ambroziak
POS703 Interactive Graph Drawing on the World Wide Web Úlfar Erlingsson, Mukkai Krishnamoorthy
POS704 Multilingual, Multi-Protocol Access to GLOBE Visualizations J-F de La Beaujardière, P Keegstra, H Mitchell, C O'Handley, S W Stemwedel, T Williams
POS705 Borealis Redux: The Evolution of an Image Server Eric A. Meyer, Peter Murray
POS706 Design Issues for Web-Based Teaching Materials Eric A. Meyer
POS707 Client Side Load Balancing for the Web Steve Lewontin, Elizabeth Martin
POS708 Universal Access to Engineering Documents Rainer Puittinen, Mika Silander, Eero Tervonen, Juho Nikkola, Ari-Pekka Hameri
POS709 Bridging the Gap Between GIS and the WWW Xiannong Meng, Richard Fowler, Eric Rieken
POS710 Creating Custom Graphical Web Views Based on User Browsing History Frederick J. Hirsch, W. Scott Meeks, Charles L. Brooks
POS711 WebVideo: Simple Web Tools
for Video Viewing and Browsing
Francesco Benevento, Enrico Gobbetti
POS712 Web Dieting -- Dynamic and Interactive Environment Development Tools for the Web David Chancogne, Mark Austin
POS713 Clyde Virtual University and a Review Framework based on Accessibility Niall Sclater, Dave Whittington
POS714 MetaMagic: Generating Virtual Web Sites through Data Modeling Leon Shklar, David Makower, Weiyeh Lee
POS715 A Facility Providing Flexible Processor Pools for WWW/Java-based Distributed Applications Yoshimasa Masuoka, Toyohiko Kagimasa, Katsuyoshi Kitai, Fumio Noda, Jinghua Min, Shigekazu Inohara
POS718 From a Web to a linear HTML document Martin Gagnon, Michel Dagenais
POS719 WWW Application Development Framework using Composite Objects Yoshitaka Yasumura
POS720 PowWowTM - World Wide Change Management System Sankar Virdhagriswaran, Mike Webb, Karen MacArthur, Gordon Dakin
POS721 The POPCORN Project -- An Interim Report -- Distributed Computation over the Internet in Java< Noam Camiel, Shmulik London, Noam Nisan, Ori Regev
POS722 Adaptive Sites: Automatically Learning from User Access Patterns Mike Perkowitz, Oren Etzion
POS723 MHEG in Java -- Integrating a Multimedia Standard into the Web Lars Geyer, Michael Baentsch, Lothar Baum, Georg Molter, Steffen Rothkugel, Peter Sturm
POS725 Web Search Using Automatic Classification Chandra Chekuri, Michael H. Goldwasser, Prabhakar Raghavan, Eli Upfal
POS726 An Architecture to Support Personalized Web Applications Laurent Frelechoux, Tomonari Kamba
POS727 Knowledge Augmented Intranet Search Deborah L. McGuinness, Harley Manning, Thomas W. Beattie
POS728 Virtual Yahoo!
An Example of Virtual Access to Remote Web Catalogues
M. Angelaccio, S. Passiglia
POS729 Group Interaction on Electronic Markets Peter Manhart, Heiko Ziegler
POS730 Elise Next Generation, a website built from a database Koos van den Hout
POS731 WWW on PDAs over GSM: Practical Test and Evaluation of Future Systems Johan Hjelm, Stefan Blom, Johan Edlund
POS732 EPICS: An Efficient, Programmable and Interchangeable Code System for WWW Noritaka OSAWA, Toshitsugu YUBA
POS734 A Java-based VRML 2.0-Browser: CASUS Presenter Arno Schäfer, Wolfgang Müller, Volker Luckas
POS736 HAWA: A Client-side Approach to High-Availability Web Access Yi-Min Wang, P. Emerald Chung, Chih-Mei Lin, Yennun Huang
POS737 A Web-Based Object Oriented System for Information Management John W. Collins, Rolando Blanco, Christos Douligeris, Jay Jacobs
POS738 Services to Aid Information Consumption Clairmont Borges, José Valdeni de Lima, Antônio C.Rocha Costa
POS739 Visualizing Search Results using SQWID D. Scott McCrickard & Colleen M. Kehoe
POS740 A Web Approach To Statistics For A General Physics Course Gianni Cattani, Francesco Luigi Navarria, Tiziano Rovelli
POS742 Multi-layer Repository Support for Intranets and the Internet David Eichmann
POS743 Digital Archives On the Web Marcus Herzog, Riccardo Peratello
POS744 Toward User-Centric Navigation of the Web: COOL Links using SPI L. Jay Wantz, Michael Miller
POS745 Focus+Context Displays of Web Pages: Implementation Alternatives Marc H. Brown, Hannes Marais, Marc A. Najork, William E. Weihl
POS746 Providing Web access to postgraduate Theses through CINVESTAV's Biological Area Digital Library Francisco M. De La Vega, Imelda Saldaña
POS747 Distributed Processing on the Web toward User Oriented Web Space Kazunori Horikiri, Shigehisa Kawabe
POS748 On the Management of Courses Information in a University Web Fulvio Corno, Laura Farinetti, Fabio Maino, Matteo Sonza Reorda
POS749 An Authentication Model for a Web Application Server Jim Stabile, Robert Pang, Mala Anand
POS750 The Web Request Broker: A Framework for Distributed Web-Based Applications M. Anand, E. Chien, R. Condamoor, A. Mathur, S. Adunuthula, S. Chou, S. Nakhoda
POS752 Using A Data Fusion Agent for Searching the WWW Alan F. Smeaton, Francis Crimmins
POS753 On-the-Fly Translation and Role-Based Authorization For Intranet Document Systems Nancy Grady, Noel Nachtigal, Mark Elmore, James Kohl, James Rome, Joel Reed, Philip Papadapoulos
POS754 Find it, Plot it, Grab it: Distributing Climate Data Via the Web Julia Collins
POS755 From Commerce to Community: Virtual Success on the Web Rivkah K. Sass
POS758 Multimodal Presentation as a Solution To Access a Structured Document Philippe Truillet, Bernard Oriola, Nadine Vigouroux
POS759 Information Mediation Benjie Chen, Kinji Yamasaki
POS760 A Single Login Web Service Integrator -- WebEntrance Yan Zhao
POS761 Distributed Collaborative Caching for Proxy Servers Mangesh Kasbekar, Vikram Desai
POS762 Cineast - An Extensible Web Browser Eckhart Köppen, Gustaf Neumann
POS768 WebTracker - A Web Service for Tracking Documents Ken Fishkin, Eric Bier

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