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during a panel session with the board of the W3 consortium, a gentleman explained that he is looking for a language to describe the human body on the web. his question to the board was: "since HTML is dead, would XML be a good solution for that ?" to my surprise, no one from the board made any comment about the first part of that question, therefore i asked the board if HTML is really dead. dave raggett, a co-author of the HTML specifications answered: "due to the huge amount of HTML documents available today, HTML will probably be around forever".

nevertheless, there was a conference in may 1998 about the future of HTML, where people discussed, if HTML should be developed any further at all. for details, see

another remarkable event in the history of HTML was the announcement of version 4.0 of the HTML specification. V4.0 became a recommendation in december 1997. the status of a recommendation by the W3C is the highest possible status of such a document.
the specifications are available from the W3C webserver at