what must a good authoring tool provide ? (4-6)

  1. is must make sure all (internal) links are correct
  2. it must be easy to publish pages
  3. it must support teamwork
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  1. there is nothing more anoying than broken links. while links to external web pages are outside of the scope of an authoring tool, internal links should be maintained by such a tool. this implies that a good authoring tool is more than just an HTML editor to work on one page at a time. instead, an authoring tool must provide features to maintain a complete website.
  2. typically, an author has local copies of web pages while she or he works on them. when the pages are ready to be published on the web, they have to be transferred to the server. a good authoring tool should make that process easy but secure by protecting the server against unauthorized access and should provide functions which allow to transfer only those pages that have been modified since the last transfer. this is especially important for large websites.
  3. large websites are most likely maintained by more than one person. a good authoring toll should therefore support cooperative work and ensure that only one web page gets modified at a given point in time.