Trip Report WWW2007 - May 8-12 2007, Banff, Canada

Opening Ceremony / Keynote

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opening ceremony:

[ opening ceremony of the 16th World Wide Web conference (WWW2007) in banff ]

vincent shen from the hong kong university of science and technology welcomed the attendees of the 16th world wide web conference on behalf of the International World Wide Web Conference Steering Committee (IW3C2).

lee kruszewski, director software and IT of alberta advanced education and technology, addressed the delegates on behalf of the province alberta.

ken barker, head computer science at the university of calgary, greeted the participants.

randy goebel, president iCORE also welcomed the audience.

keynote by tim berners lee:

[ tim berners lee aka tbl ]

after the official opening, tim berners lee gave another entertaining and very interesting keynote presentation. this time, it was entitled "the two magics of Web science". to me, the key sentence was "the added value of the Web is the fact, that people did the unexpected".

tim - as many others of the W3C - used a tool called "slidy" to prepare his slides. unfortunately, "slidy-slides" are not fully compatible with Internet Explorer and therefore his presentation is inaccessible to the majority of the users (how about WAI ?). i converted his slides to a series of images so you can enjoy them even if you use IE.

[ more details about pre-conference activities ] the two magics of Web science: creativity and collaboration
(note: click on the left half of the slide to go back to the previous slide and on the right half of the slide to go forward to the next slide)

in order to access tim's original presentation, you need Firefox. tim's "slidy-slides" are available at

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