WWW2004 pre-conference activities: New York City

these pictures were taken while i was in new york city in the time frame may 14 until may 23, 2004 when i was attending the WWW2004 conference.

flight from zürich to new york - some pictures from newfoundland

sheraton hotel and towers - some impressions from the hotel and our room

from 53rd street to battery park - a 7.5 km walk from the sheraton hotel all the way down to battery park

battery park city - probably the most beautiful and most attractive part of new york city

World Trade Center site (ground zero) - the site of the World Trade Center
central park - impressions from a sunny sunday afternoon
columbia university - pictures from the campus

impressions - just a collection of pictures that i took of various buildings and that i like

new york at dusk and night - some impressions from a city that never sleeps when the lights are on

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