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P5: web semantics and web services:
a marriage made in heaven ?


there were approximately 150-200 attendees.


what semantics is about:

web semantics versus web services:

web services are hailed as the new frontier of e-commerce.

statements from the panelists:

francisco curbera:
  • the web service vision:
    • new paradigma in distributed computing
    • bring internal and external computing seamlessly together
    • open service economy requires a set of open protocols, service descriptions, contracts, runtime interoperatibility
  • apply semantics gradual to web services
  • where is the killer application ?

michael uschold:
  • "this will not going to end in marriage, but they can be good friends in the long term"
  • what semantic web is about: we want the machine to do the right thing
  • XML has meaning for humans only

katia sycara:
  • the semantic stack:
    [ the semantic stack ]
  • the evolution: tool driven - data driven - process driven - model driven - semantic web
  • semantic web may reduce the cost of software maintenace
  • there is a disconnect between web/HTML/XML and RDF
  • strategy:
    • evolution = add semantic to current standards
    • revolution = nightmare for those that have adopted previous standards

david martin:
  • web services provide a building block for interoperability, encapsulation, reuse, language- and vendor neutral deployment
  • web services make available a vast global repository of interoperable services
  • no need for a revolution, the foundation is already in place (HTTP, XML, SOAP etc), more semantic is appearing (UDDI etc.)
  • don't look for perfection, the marketplace will make it happen

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