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P3: will the semantic web scale ?


there were approximately 150-200 attendees including "tbl".

statements from the panelists:

cathy marshall:
  • semantic web is meta data.
  • libraries use meta data.
  • it is created by trained people.
  • on the web, semantic data is created by anybody - no rules applies.

alon y. halevy:
  • structuring data is hard.
  • people find it hard to share data.
  • people need a clear return on their investment.
    • web: unstructure, easy, simple, meant to share
    • semantic data (databases): structured, difficult (requires education), not meant to be shared (privacy)

jürgen angele:
  • OWL does not scale, neither conceptually nor technically.
  • the semantic web is a great opportunity, but OWL is a step in the wrong direction.

Q1: what is the return of investments for annotations ?

Q2: will the scoial process behind the semantic web scale up ?

Q3: is the representation language rich enough ?

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