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Proceeding # Title Authors
Paper3 - TEC130 Towards a Multimedia World-Wide Web Information Retrieval Engine Mukherjea, Hirata, Hara
Paper10 - TEC101 Web Enabled, CORBA Driven, Distributed VideoTalk Environment on the Java Platform Mojsa, Zielinski
Paper12 - TEC105 Constructing Reliable Web Applications Using Atomic Actions Little, Shrivastava, Caughey, Ingham
Paper14 - TEC109 Cascaded Speech Style Sheets Raman
Paper20 - TEC119 A Case for Delay-Conscious Caching of Web Documents Scheuermann, Shim, Vingralek
Paper21 - TEC121 The Japan Cache Project: An Experiment on Domain Cache Nabeshima
Paper23 - TEC124 The mWeb Presentation Framework Parnes, Mattsson, Synnes, Schefstrom
Paper27 - TEC129 Supporting Highly Manageable Web Services Ingham, Caughey, Little
Paper38 - TEC131 Jamming (on) the Web Eliëns, van Welie, van Ossenbruggen, Schönhage
Paper39 - TEC132 Dynamic Reference Sifting: A Case Study In The Homepage Domain Shakes, Langheinrich, Etzioni
Paper40 - TEC133 WebCutter: A System for Dynamic and Tailorable Site Mapping Maarek, Jacovi, Ur, Zernik, Shtalhaim, Ben-Shaul
Paper41 - TEC146 Transforming Command-Line Driven Systems to Web Applications Phanouriou, Abrams
Paper44 - TEC134 Improving the performance of CGI compliant database gateways Hadjiefthymiades, Martakos
Paper45 - TEC135 WebRule: An Event-based Framework for Active CollaborationAmong Web Servers Ben-Shaul, Ifergan
Paper53 - TEC136 Customizable Multi-Engine Search Tool with Clustering Chang, Hsu
Paper59 - TEC137 High Security Web Servers and Gateways Edwards, Rees
Paper68 - TEC138 SiteHelper: A Localized Agent that Helps Incremental Exploration of the World Wide Web Ngu, Wu
Paper69 - TEC147 Providing World Wide Access to Historical Sources Mills, Moody, Rodden
Paper70 - TEC139 Interactive Scaling Control Mechanism for World-Wide Web Systems Shimada, Iwami, Tomokane, Hayashi, Kuwahara
Paper80 - TEC148 The Notification Service Transfer Protocol (NSTP): Infrastructure for Synchronous Groupware Day, Patterson, Mitchell
Paper83 - TEC149 Seamless Integration of Interactive Forms into the Web Girgensohn, Lee
Paper86 - TEC140 Responsive Interaction for a Large Web Application Crespo, Chang, Bier
Paper89 - TEC141 Metadata Mediation : Representation and Protocol Sakata, Tada, Ohtake
Paper91 - TEC142 Hypermedia Presentation and Authoring System Yu, Xiang
Paper96 - TEC143 WebQuery: Searching and Visualizing the Web through Connectivity Carrière, Kazman
Paper97 - TEC144 30% Accessible - A Survey of The UK Wide Web Beckett
Paper99 - TEC150 Mini-Pay : Charging per Click on the Web Herzberg, Yochai
Paper100 - TEC151 Promondia: A Java-Based Framework for Real-Time Group Communication in the Web Gall, Hauck
Paper106 - TEC102 A Network of Asynchronous Micro-Servers as a Framework for Server Development Szmurlo, Madelaine
Paper116 - TEC103 REFEREE: Trust Management for Web Applications Feigenbaum, LaMacchia, Resnick, Strauss
Paper118 - TEC104 Finding Salient Features for Personal Web Page Categories Wulfekuhler, Punch
Paper119 - TEC152 The Message Is The Medium Seligmann, Laporte, Bugaj
Paper126 - TEC106 In Search of Reliable Usage Data on the WWW Pitkow
Paper130 - TEC153 Maps Alive: Viewing Geospatial Information on the WWW Potmesil
Paper131 - TEC107 Hits and Miss-es: A Year Watching the Web Graham-Cumming
Paper138 - TEC108 The Internet Fish Construction Kit LaMacchia
Paper139 - TEC154 Accessing Embedded Systems via WWW: The ProWeb Toolset Bathelt, Gall, Hindel, Kurzke
Paper142 - TEC155 Learning Personal Preferences On Online Newspaper Articles From User Behaviors Sakagami, Kamba
Paper149 - TEC110 Providing Quality of Service over the Web: A Newspaper-based Approach Banâtre, Issarny, Leleu, Charpiot
Paper151 - TEC111 MOWS: Distributed Web and Cache Server in Java Yoshida
Paper154 - TEC112 Enabling Mobile Network Managers Reilly, Niska, Deri, Gantenbein
Paper155 - TEC113 Extending HTML In A Principled Way With Displets Vitali, Chiu, Bieber
Paper156 - TEC114 WebCanal: a Multicast Web Application Liao
Paper159 - TEC156 Flexible Open Caching for the Web Caughey, Ingham, Little
Paper161 - TEC115 BSCW for Disabled Teleworkers Usability Evaluation and Interface Adaptation of an internet-based Cooperation Environment Pieper, Hermsdorf
Paper177 - TEC116 Digestor: Device-Independent Access To The World Wide Web Bickmore, Schilit
Paper180 - TEC157 Usability Studies And Designing Navigational Aids For The World Wide Web Bachiochi, Berstene, Chouinard, Conlan, Danchak, Furey, Neligon, Way
Paper189 - TEC117 A Bookmarking Service for Organizing and Sharing URLs Keller, Wolfe, Chen, Rabinowitz, Mathe
Paper191 - TEC118 WebGALAXY:Beyond Point and Click - A Conversational Interface to a Browser Lau, Flammia, Pao, Zue
Paper196 - TEC145 ONE-IP: Techniques for Hosting a Service on a Cluster of Machines Damani, Chung, Huang, Kintala, Wang
Paper205 - TEC120 Syntactic Clustering of the Web Broder, Glassman, Manasse, Zweig
Paper206 - TEC158 ParaSite: Mining Structural Information on the Web Spertus
Paper213 - TEC122 Pseudo-serving: A User-Responsible Paradigm for Internet Access Kong, Ghosal
Paper222 - TEC123 The Quest for Correct Information on the Web: Hyper Search Engines Marchiori
Paper232 - TEC125 WebComposition: An Object-Oriented Support System for the Web Engineering Lifecycle Gellersen, Wicke, Gaedke
Paper236 - TEC159 Content-Centric Interactive Video on the World Wide Web Katkere, Schlenzig, Jain
Paper245 - TEC126 Analysis and Design of Web-based Information Systems Takahashi, Liang
Paper248 - TEC127 Index-Based Hyperlinks Hartman, Proebsting, Sundaram
Paper250 - TEC160 Proxy Caching That Estimates Page Load Delays Wooster, Abrams
Paper253 - TEC161 Anywhere, Anytime (+Anyone) Access to the Next-Generation WWW Vanderheiden
Paper267 - TEC128 Applications of a Web Query Language Arocena, Mendelzon, Mihaila
Paper296 - TEC162 AHA: Audio HTML Access James

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