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Paper# Title Presenters
ACC201 Web Browsing through Adaptive Technology: A Consumer Information Kevin K. Nguyen, Linda S. Petty
ACC202 Nimble Document Navigation Using Alternative Access Tools Jutta Treviranus
ACC203 NetBraille-J: Learning Support of Japanese braille in World Wide Web Mitsuji Kadota, Michiaki Yasumura
ACC204 Towards A Haptical User Interface for Blind and Low-Vision Users Ian Feldberg, Russell Taylor, Robert Massof
ACC205 Experiences Implementing IBM Web Access Guide Phill Jenkins
ACC206 Use of GUI Interfaces on the Converging Telecommunication Appliances: The Need for New Access Strategies Gregg Vanderheiden
ACC208 The Problem of Accessing Non-Textual Information on the Web John A. Gardner, Hadi Bargirangin, Vladimir Bulatov, Hans Kowallick, Randy Lundquist
ACC209 Information Resources for Persons with Disabilities in Japan Iwao Kobayashi, Koichi Oda, Hiroshi Nunokawa, Masatoshi Miyazaki
ACC211 Accessible Multimedia on the World Wide Web Geoff Freed, Larry Goldberg
ACC213 The Intranet & Workers with Print Disabilities Stella O'Brien, Simon Polovina
ACC214 Using the Total Access System with the WWW Neil G. Scott
ACC215 Legislation and access to the World Wide Web Alistair D N Edwards
ACC216 Visual Dominance and The World-Wide Web Alistair D N Edwards
ACC217 The Audible WWW: The World in My Ears T.V. Raman
ACC218 Web Design and Information Architecture Stella O'Brien, Dr. Simon Polovina
ACC220 Making Hypertext Accessible to the Blind Thomas Kahlisch
ACC223 Microsoft Chuck Oppermann
ACC225 Technology Assisted Diversity:Towards Developing Models of Accessibility Yves Seguin, Peter Field, Chuck Letourneau
ACC226 A Distance Education Program for Blind Children Based on the WEB
ACC227 Economic Factors Involved with Internet Access for the Disabled Michael R. Burks
ACC230 National Policy Perspectives on Universal Design Betsy Bayha
ACC231 Browsers and Screen Readers for Audio Web Surfer Access via non-visual modalilities David Owen
ACC232 Browser and Screen Readers for Audio Visual Web Surfer: Access via non-visual modalities Chris Lilley
ACC233 Cyberspace and Abilities John Perry, Elizabeth Macken
ACC234 SeniorNet-Access for Older People Peter Esty
ACC235 Issues affecting Access to the Internet for Deaf People Cathy Haas
ACC238 Delivering the Visions Cynthia Waddell
ACC239 The Moose: A Haptic User Interface Maura Sile O'Modhrain, Brent Gillespie
ACC240 Educational Program for Gifted Youth delivery through the Internet Ray Ravaglia
ACC243 Browsers and Screen Readers for Audio Web Surfer Access via non-visual modalities Steve Clark
ACC245 Issues in Non-Visual Web Browser Design:pw Web Speak Markku Hakkinen

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