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hope is like a lighthouse keeper's beam,
all is lost if one abandons hope


wenn wir alleine sind im universum,
dann ist das eine ganz schöne platzverschwendung

zitat aus der deutschen fassung des spielfilms "contact"

regular people search with google, smart people find with bing ...

hail the robots, forget the webdesigners !

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curriculum vitae:

here you can find my curriculum vitae.

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my major duties at the ETH zürich are:

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publish or die the art of Web publishing:

my fundamental axioms of Web publishing are:

  1. Web documents shall comply to the standards set by the W3C !
  2. the strength of Web publishing is actuality, not layout !
  3. actuality and accuracy are much more important than appearance !
  4. the Web shall not only provide the freedom for everyone to publish, but also the reader shall have the freedom to enjoy the information the way she or he wants !
  5. if it is not there, don't mention it !

my thoughts about the art of Web publishing in greater detail.

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publications and presentations:

World Wide Web related:

ETHZ system management related (this is no longer my duty):

DECUS Switzerland related:

i'm no longer envolved with DECUS (i actually believe there is no need for such an organization anymore), but i had a good time then ...

off duty:

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some of my specifications:

!!! Dieses Dokument stammt aus dem ETH Web-Archiv und wird nicht mehr gepflegt !!!
!!! This document is stored in the ETH Web archive and is no longer maintained !!!